Tasting Rooms

Our tasting rooms are located in beautiful Downtown La Conner, and Manson Washington. 

Our tasting rooms are also available for catered parties and corporate events. Please contact us for more detaills.

Visiting La Conner and  Manson in Chelan, is a most enjoyable experience all year round. Some very popular times to visit La Conner include Daffodil Festival in March and Tullip Festival in April.

Many of our customers love to attend our La Conner tasting room for the La Conner Live Concert Series from May to September with concerts generally held on Sunday afternoons. Here you can enjoy a glass outdoors in Gilkey Square with a very good view of the performance.

About Skagit Cellars

Our story begins with winemaking in a garage and home-based cellars. It started as a hobby and became a passion.

We source fruit from sustainable vineyards that provide the best quality of fruit from the outset. Wine is defined by its unique vintage. Fruit changes from year to year. The vintage defines its changing characteristics. Our goal is always to produce the best quality of wine from the harvest of the year.

We select our fruit from the best vineyards that are salmon safe, and use only natural methods in our wine production. Our wines are made simply of pure grapes and no harmful additives.

Different varietals of grapes grow better in different climates. We select all our varietal grapes from the most conducive growing regions. This produces the best quality. All our grapes are grown in Washington State.

In organic wine production, no sulfites are added to wine. However, it must be remembered that sulfites are naturally occurring by-products of fermentation. We add only a minimal amount of sulfites if needed — well below industry limits.

Skagit Cellars does not add any unnatural additives to its wine, and our wines are also Salmon Safe certified. That means that our grapes are sourced from vineyards that don't use harsh chemicals that are harmful to the environment and salmon. Additional measures are also taken at these vineyards to protect the environment.

Skagit Cellars has developed an entirely natural process of wine making. For example, we use only natural racking methods to clarify our wines. Our red wines are not filtered. They are racked 3 times to remove all the sediment. This produces brilliantly clear wine without the use of additives. The same method is used with our white wines. All our wines are then further refined with natural processes before bottling.

We are an award winning winery and have earned many medals.  See our Awards page for more details.


Our winery is located in Burlington, Washington. This is where all our wine is crafted from select Salmon Safe vineyards in Washington with healthy natural methods to ensure the lowest sulfite content possible, and healthy wine free of additives.

Our winery is also where we host some of our larger events, including wine club events, wine release parties, dinners and concerts. Here you can enjoy our wine with gourmet cooking.

If you are interested in wine and wineries, tours may be arranged by appointment.

If you are interested in partaking of the wine making experience, we offer volunteer opportunites at select times of year.

Contact us for more details.