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Tasting Notes

2017 Pinot Gris

Delicately fragrant, mildly floral, with lightly lemon-citrus flavors. A favorite, year-round wine that pairs nicely with seafood’s, chicken, pork, summer and winter salads. Fantastic Patio Wine!* 

Lake Chelan AVA – Stainless Steel Fermented

$ 22 19.80 (Wine Club Price)

*2018 Bronze Medal Winner – Washington State Wine Competition 

2017 Sauvignon Blanc

Traditional Washington Sauvignon Blanc – Great Balance with this Sauvignon Blanc with a long finish – Crisp, Clean & Full Flavored. Bring on the Oysters, Clams and Mussels.*

Columbia Valley (4 Lakes Vineyard) Stainless Steel Fermented 

$ 23 20.70 (Wine Club Price)

*2018 Silver Medal Winner – Washington State Wine Competition

2016 Viognier 

Smells of Floral Bouquets, carries notes of Peach & Apricot, enjoy the nice long finish. Pairs well with Seafood, Salads, Chicken and Indian Cuisine that are of low heat and many Nutty dishes. Stainless Steel Fermented.*  

Columbia Valley (Pasco) 
– Stainless Steel Fermented 

$ 22 19.80 (Wine Club Price)

*2018 Bronze
Medal Winner – Finger
Lakes International Wine Competition 

2015 Channel Breeze

These two varietals- Madeline Angevine and Siegerrebe have been blended. 75% Madeline Angevine and 25% Siegerrebe. It has a full floral nose with flavors of soft citrus it carries a great mouthfeel. The wine has a long finish. It is a nicely balanced wine. Enjoy with many dishes. Chicken, Pork, fish, fruits, and both winter and summer salads.* 

Puget Sound AVA – Skagit County 

$ 20 18.00 (Wine Club Price)

*2017 Bronze Medal Winner – Seattle Wine Awards .

2015 Merlot

A classic Merlot that is dark garnet red, flavors of light pepper and strawberry with a nose of berries, and vague smoke. Barrell aged in French Oak for 28 months. Great to serve with BBQed meats, blue cheese, hearty salads and of course, by the glass.*

Lake Chelan AVA

$ 36 33.40 34 30.60 (Wine Club Price)

*2018 Bronze Medal Winner – Washington State Wine Competition  

2016 Barbera

Deep rich colored with flavors of tart cherries andberries. Enjoy its lovely spice.  Highacidity and low tannis pari well with rich foods, earthy mushrooms, cheeses & meats or, grab some bread and truffle oil!! 

Horse Heaven Hills 

$36  $32.40 (Wine Club Price)

2015 Cabernet Sauvignon

30 Months of barrel aging in French & American Oak brought out the Vanilla & Black Cherry flavors all while soothing the tannins to create an excellent Cabernet Sauvignon. This is a must have with Grilled Rib Eye topped with a Blue Cheese Sauce.* 

 Columbia Valley

$42 $37.80 (Wine Club Price)

*2018 Silver Medal Winner  Washington State Wine Competition

2015 Serendipity 

Barrell aged for 36 months. It chose us. One special barrel made this wine. How it came to be was by the occurrence and development of events by chance in a happy or beneficial way a fortunate stroke of serendipity ! Relax, Enjoy Serendipity.

Columbia Valley

$64.50 $58.00 (Wine Club Price)


Red Wine, Chocolate, & Raspberry. Trumpeter is a delight. No too sweet, full of flavor. Will finish with a touch of Chocolate or Raspberry depending upon your pallet.  

Columbia Valley (4 Lakes Vineyard) 

$ 22 19.80 (Wine Club Price)

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